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Are you factory trained and certified?

Excellent question in fact we are the only Hawk Lab’s factory trained and certified tech’s in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus.

Is this a good DIY Project?

This is not a good DIY project. Skill is required to lay down a smooth finish. Even factors such as indoor humidity and the texture of your bathtub can influence whether the coating adheres.

How long does this process take?

Usually 2-5 hours depending on what type of work is being done.

How long till we can use it?

We recommend a 72 hour dry time.

How long to get an appointment?

It varies.  We do everything we can to meet your scheduling needs.

My bathtub has been refinished before, can it be refinished again?

Yes, we will need to strip it down (additional fee) to the original finish and then resurface the original surface.

What bathtub repairs do you perform?

We do chip, crack, rust, and hole repairs in bathtubs.  We also do inlay’s.

If you do a repair do you have to refinish the entire tub?

Most times no. If the rest of the tub is in good condition we usually do not. We would do the repair then blend the repaired area to the rest of the tub.

Does the tub look like it has been painted?

No! Your bathtub will look and feel just like new.

What colors do you offer?

Our standard colors are bright white, standard white, bone and bisque. We can do any color for a extra fee.

How long is the warranty?

5 years warranty against any failure of adhesion of the new finish. It does not cover customer’s neglect such as dropping a heavy object on the finish and chipping it or improper care or use, abrasive cleaner’s.

1 year on commercial and rental property.

We have to be notified immediately if the surface blisters, peels, cracks or fades.  You must retain and show your invoice for any warranty work.

No warranty on sinks.

Can I use a bath mat on my refinished tub?

No. We do offer an alternative to the regular mat which is the non-skid mat. Call us to inquire more about it.

How should I clean my new refinished bathtub?

There is no need for abrasive cleaners as it is going to be a non-porous finish so you may use any mild cleaner. The cleaner that we recommend is the works and Kaboom.

Do you replace the caulk?

Yes we do when we do the follow up the next day if the customer request it.  No warranty on caulk.

Do you charge for the follow up?

No we don’t have hidden fees. Some companies offer different quality coatings and charge for follow up’s etc. We give you a quote for prep, prime, topcoat and the follow up and we always use the same high quality products.

What do I have to do to get ready for the Refinishing (Re-glazing, Resurfacing)?
  • Bathtub may be used prior to our arrival
  • All exposed items such as, toiletries on countertops, rugs on the floor, and items on toilet
  • Personal items must be stored away inside of cabinetry, closet, or removed from bathroom entirely
  • Shower curtain must be removed
  • Items within shower area, such as shampoo, soap, wash cloths, etc must be removed
  • Bathtub and surround need to be as clean as possible (excessive cleaning fee’s will be required if it is not clean)
  • Drips and leaks need to be repaired prior to our arrival
Should I replace fixtures, walls, or floors in the bathroom before I refinish me bathtub?

Yes, this way you minimize possibility of remodeling damage and dirt in the re-glazing process.

Are you insured?

Yes we do work for commercial business and they require much higher coverage than those that only do residential refinishing, resurfacing and re-glazing.

Do I need electric or water in the bathroom?

Yes, we need both and the room needs to be a normal temperatures.

Happy Customers

“Called for a quote came next day wanted the kitchen farm sink and bath tub redone. Scheduled came right on time very professional and courteous. They covered so no paint was on any walls or floors. The work was quick only couple hours done. Came back on time next day and finished up. The work was beyond good it was perfect. I was beyond pleased excellent work I would highly recommend this company.”

~ Carol S.

“We called MB Link Refinishing to refinish our tub, which was peeling pretty badly, and we are sure glad we did! Scheduling was quick and easy, and the finished product is perfect! In addition, the employees were very helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking to refinish their tub, rather than replace it.”

~ Janie F.

“Very professional and they did a fantastic job on our 1920s cast iron tub. Price was more reasonable than others I had contacted too!”

~ Sharon M.

“Just a note to let MB Link Refinishing know how much their hard work is appreciated. Our tub looks like new and it saved us a lot of money in doing the refinishing instead of buying a new tub. Mr. Link was so nice in not only educating us in the refinishing process but put our minds at ease as to the durability of this process. Many Thanks."

~ Mr. and Mrs. M.

“I purposely waited 2 months before submitting this review so that I could see if I was still as impressed now as I was then. I am still amazed at the great new look of my bathtub!"

~ Ryan C.

“My experience with MB was perfect from the first phone call through the end of the job. Polite and helpful during the first call, scheduled within a few days, arrived on time first day and also on the 2nd day for the final inspection, polite when I spoke to the people who did the work and cleaned up after themselves perfectly. The entire experience is what it should be with any contractor. Will definitely use them again!”

~ Janie M.